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OPHI Staff

Sabina Alkire

Mihika-ChatterjeeMihika Chatterjee

Adriana Conconi
Research Officer

Emma Feeny
Research Communications Officer

natashaNatasha Francis
Project Assistant

John Hammock
Co-Founder and Research Associate

boubaBouba Housseini
Research Officer

lauraLaura O’Mahony
Project Coordinator

china2China Mills
Research Officer - Social Isolation

Suman Seth
Research Officer

Ana Vaz
Research Officer

Diego Zavaleta
Research Officer

OPHI Staff - (part-time)

Mauricio Apablaza

Paola Ballon Fernandez
Research Officer

Paddy Coulter
Director of Communications

Heidi Fletcher
Web Manager

Moizza B Sarwar
Policy Communications Assistant

Research Associates and Advisors

James Foster
Research Associate

Jose Manuel Roche
Research Officer

Kim Samuel
Scholar in Residence

Maria Emma Santos
Research Associate

Andy Sumner
Research Associate

Gaston Yalonetzky
Research Associate

Visiting Fellows

TMorganIEP100Thomas Morgan
Visiting Fellow

Mark McGillivray
Visiting Fellow

Management Committee

nandiniNandini Gooptu

Ian Goldin

Barbara Harriss-White

Advisory Committee

Sudhir Anand

Tony Atkinson

Amartya Sen

Frances Stewart

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New research paper proposes a measure of ‘destitution’ among the poor Sabina Alkire, Adriana Conconi and Suman Seth apply a new measure of destitution to the identify the poorest of the poor in 49 developing countries. Read more

New Research in Progress paper analyses multidimensional poverty dynamics The paper describes changes in the multidimensional poverty index (MPI) and their significance for 30 countries and 338 sub-national regions. Read more

New OPHI working paper investigates meaning of psychological agency Elise Klein uses data gathered in Bamako, Mali to develop a definition of psychological agency. Read more

Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in Latin America: Previous Experience and the Way Forward This paper states the need to design a multidimensional poverty index for the Latin America region (LA-MPI) that can monitor poverty trends in a cross-country comparable way, yet is also relevant to the particular regional context. Read more

Measuring Conjoint Vulnerabilities in Italy: An Asset-Based Approach This paper uses an asset-based approach, focusing on the resources that individuals and households can draw upon to reduce economic vulnerability and strengthen their resilience. Read more

Measuring and Decomposing Inequality among the Multidimensionally Poor Using Ordinal Data: A Counting Approach A paper by Suman Seth and Sabina Alkire proposes the use of a separate decomposable inequality measure using Demographic Health Survey datasets. Read more