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OPHI Working Papers

The OPHI Working Paper series is registered with an ISSN and each paper with an individual ISBN to enable citation and library referencing. The Working Papers are (often externally) refereed and then endorsed for publication by a research officer and/or the director of OPHI.  They are ‘permanent’ and will not be revised in their current form. Where Working Papers have been published as journal articles, background papers or book chapters, the link to the final published version is given in the ‘published as’ column. See the Research in Progress series for preliminary documents under revision.

Please cite these papers as: Author last name, Initial. (Date) Title. Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) Working Paper XX.

e.g. Alkire, S. (2007) The Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data: An Introduction. Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) Working Paper 00.

OPHI Working Paper NumberTitleAuthorPublished asDownloadYear
71Shame, Humiliation and Social Isolation: Missing Dimensions of Poverty and Suffering AnalysisChina Mills, Diego Zavaleta and Kim Samuel
70Measuring Conjoint Vulnerabilities in Italy: An Asset-Based ApproachAdolfo Morrone
69Psychological Agency: Evidence from the Urban Fringe of BamakoElise Klein
68Measuring and Decomposing Inequality among the Multidimensionally Poor Using Ordinal Data: A Counting ApproachSuman Seth and Sabina Alkire
67Social isolation: A conceptual and measurement proposalDiego Zavaleta, Kim Samuel, China Mills
66Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in Latin America: Previous Experience and the Way ForwardMaria Emma Santos
65Multidimensional Targeting and Evaluation: A General Framework with an Application to a Poverty Program in BangladeshVirginia Robano and Stephen C. Smith
64Gender Inequality in Multidimensional Welfare Deprivation in West Africa: The Case of Burkina Faso and Togo
(A version of this paper was published as a World Bank Policy Research Working Paper)
Akoété Ega Agbodji, Yélé Maweki Batana and Dénis Ouedraogo
World Bank Policy Research WP (WPS 6522)2013
63Human Recognition and Economic Development: An Introduction and Theoretical ModelTony Castleman
62A Counting Multidimensional Poverty Index in Public Policy Context: the case of ColombiaRoberto Carlos Angulo Salazar, Beatriz Yadira Díaz and Renata Pardo Pinzón
61Where do the World's Multidimensionally Poor People Live?Sabina Alkire, José Manuel Roche and Andy Sumner
60Multidimensional Poverty Reduction in India between 1999 and 2006: Where and How? Sabina Alkire and Suman Seth
59Measuring Acute Poverty in the Developing World: Robustness and Scope of the Multidimensional Poverty Index
(supplementary data available)
Sabina Alkire and Maria Emma Santos
World Development 59 (2014) 251-274

58The Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index
(The document posted here is the final draft of the paper published in World Development)
Sabina Alkire, Ruth Meinzen-Dick, Amber Peterman, Agnes R. Quisumbing, Greg Seymour and Ana Vaz
World Development 52 (2013) 71-912013
57Monitoring Progress in Child Poverty Reduction: Methodological Insights and Illustration to the Case Study of Bangladesh José Manuel Roche
Social Indicators Research 12(2) 2013, 363-3902013
56Normative Choices and Tradeoffs when Measuring Poverty over TimeCatherine Porter and Natalie Naïri Quinn
55A Robust Multidimensional Poverty Profile for UgandaSebastian Levine, James Muwonge and Yele Maweki Batana
54Identifying BPL Households: A Comparison of MethodsSabina Alkire and Suman Seth
Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) 48(2) 2013 2012
53Selecting a Targeting Method to Identify BPL Households in IndiaSabina Alkire and Suman Seth
Social Indicators Research 112(2) 2013, 417-4462012
52Measuring Chronic PovertyJames E. Foster and Maria Emma Santos
Poverty and Social Exclusion: New Methods of Analysis, (G. Betti and A. Lemmi eds.), Routledge 2013, ch. 82012
51On the Generalization and Decomposition of the Bonferroni IndexElena Bárcena-Martin and Jacques Silber
Social Choice and Welfare, 41 (2013) 763-787 2012
50Measurement Errors and Multidimensional PovertyCesar Calvo and Fernando Fernandez
49On the Possibility of Measuring Freedom: A Kantian PerspectiveSebastian Silva-Leander
48Revealed Meta-Preferences: Axiomatic Foundations of Normative Assessments in the Capability ApproachSebastian Silva-Leander
47Multidimensional Poverty: Measurement, Estimation, and InferenceChristopher J. Bennett and Shabana Mitra
Econometric Reviews 32(1), 2013, 57-83 2011
46Multidimensional Poverty and its DiscontentsSabina Alkire
"Measure for Measure: How Well Do We Measure Development? Proceedings of the 8th AFD-EUDN Conference".2011
45Beyond Headcount: Measures that Reflect the Breadth and Components of Child PovertySabina Alkire and José Manuel Roche
Published in Alberto Minujin and Shailen Nandy eds, Global Child Poverty and Well-Being: Measurement, Concepts, Policy and Action. Bristol: The Policy Press, 2012.2011
44bConditions for the Most Robust Poverty Comparisons Using the Alkire-Foster Family of MeasuresGaston Yalonetzky
Social Choice Welfare, February 2014.
A more general version of the paper has been published as "Conditions for the Most Robust Poverty Comparisons Using Counting Measures and Ordinal Variables" in ECINEQ.
43Understandings and Misunderstandings of Multidimensional Poverty MeasurementSabina Alkire and James Foster
Journal of Economic Inequality 9(2) 2011, 289-3142011
43bWhere Did Identification Go?Sabina Alkire, James Foster & Maria Emma Santos
Journal of Economic Inequality 9(3) 2011, 501-5052011
42Measuring Energy Poverty: Focusing on What MattersPatrick Nussbaumer, Morgan Bazilian, Vijay Modi and Kandeh K. Yumkella
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16(1) 2012, 231-2432011
41Revisiting Informality: Evidence from Employment Characteristics and Job Satisfaction in ChileLea Cassar
40A Report on Mexican Multidimensional Poverty MeasurementJames E. Foster
Medición Multidimensional de la Pobreza en México (Julio Boltvinik, et al., eds.), El Colegio de México.2010
39A Dissimilarity Index of Multidimensional Inequality of Opportunity (Revised and Updated)Gaston Yalonetzky
Journal of Economic Inequality 10(3) 2012, 343-3732010
38Acute Multidimensional Poverty: A New Index for Developing CountriesSabina Alkire and Maria Emma Santos
UNDP HDR Background Paper 2010/112010
37Designing the Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index (HDI)Sabina Alkire and James Foster
UNDP HDR Background Paper 2010/282010
36Human Development: Definitions, Critiques, and Related ConceptsSabina Alkire
UNDP HDRO Background Paper 20102010
35Freedom, Opportunity and WellbeingJames Foster
Handbook of Social Choice and Welfare, Volume 2 (K. Arrow, A. Sen, and K. Suzumura, eds.), North Holland.2010
34Notes on Effective FreedomJames Foster
33Comparing Economic Mobility with Heterogeneity Indices: an Application to Education in PeruGaston Yalonetzky
32Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement (Revised and Updated)Sabina Alkire, James E. Foster
Journal of Public Economics 95(7-8) 2011, 476-4872009
31Polarization and the Decline of the Middle Class: Canada and the USJames Foster, Michael C. Wolfson
Journal of Economic Inequality 8(2) 2010, 247-2732009
30Human Capital and the Quality of Education in a Poverty Trap ModelMaria Emma Santos
Oxford Development Studies 39(1) 2011, 25-472009
29An Axiomatic Approach to the Measurement of Corruption: Theory and ApplicationsJames Foster, Andrew W. Horowitz, Fabio Méndez
World Bank Economic Review 26(2) 2012, 217-2352009
28A Dissimilarity Index of Multidimensional Inequality of Opportunity Gaston Yalonetzky
Journal of Economic Inequality 10(3) 2012, 343-3732009
27A Class of Association Sensitive Multidimensional Welfare IndicesSuman Seth
Journal of Economic Inequality 11(2) 2013, 133-1622009
26Rank Robustness of Composite IndicesJames Foster, Mark McGillivray, Suman Seth
Econometric Reviews 32(1) 2013, pp. 35-562009
26bRank Robustness of Composite Indices: Dominance and AmbiguityJames E. Foster, Mark McGillivray and Suman Seth
25Willingness-to-pay and the Equivalent ApproachMarc Fleurbaey
Revue d'économie politique 121(1) 2011, pp. 35-382008
24Deriving Weights for the Index of Multiple Deprivation Based on Societal Preferences: The Application of a Discrete Choice ExperimentVerity Watson, Matt Sutton, Chris Dibben, Mandy Ryan
23Inequality, Interactions, and Human DevelopmentSuman Seth
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, 10(3) 2009 pp. 375-3962009
22Restricted and Unrestricted Hierarchy of WeightsLucio Esposito, Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti
Journal of Applied Economics 13(2), 2010, pp. 181-2042008
21Characterizing Weights in the Measurement of Multidimensional Poverty: An Application of Data-Driven Approaches to Cameroonian DataAloysius Mom Njong and Paul Ningaye
20What Good is Happiness?Marc Fleurbaey, Erik Schokkaert, Koen Decancq
18Setting Weights in Multidimensional Indices of Well-BeingKoen Decancq, Maria Ana Lugo
Econometric Reviews 32(1) 2013, 7-342008
17Income and Beyond: Multidimensional Poverty in Six Latin American CountriesDiego Battiston, Guillermo Cruces, Luis Felipe Lopez Calva, Maria Ana Lugo, Maria Emma Santos
Social Indicators Research 112(2) 2013, 291-3142009
15Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in India: A New ProposalSabina Alkire, Suman Seth
Indian Journal of Human Development 2.2 (2008) 407-4242008
14Multidimensional Poverty in Bhutan: Estimates and Policy ImplicationsMaria Emma Santos, Karma Ura
13Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Sub-Saharan AfricaYele Batana
Social Indicators Research 112(2) 2013, 337-3622008
11Development: "a misconceived theory can kill."Sabina Alkire
Published in C. W. Morris (ed.) 2010 "Amartya Sen: Contemporary philosophy in focus." Cambridge UP, pp. 191-2202008
10Multidimensional Poverty Measures from an Information Theory PerspectiveMaría Ana Lugo and Esfandiar Maasoumi
In "Quantitative Approaches to Multidimensional Poverty Measurement", Kakwani and Silber (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 20082008
09Concepts and Measures of AgencySabina Alkire
Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Oxford University Press. 2008.2008
08External CapabilitiesJames Foster, Christopher Handy
Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Oxford University Press. 2008.2008
7.5Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement (Short Version)Sabina Alkire, James Foster
Brief version of below2009
07Counting and Multidimensional Poverty MeasurementSabina Alkire, James Foster
Journal of Public Economics 95(7-8) 2011, 476-4872007
07Recuento y Medición Multidimensional de la PobrezaSabina Alkire, James Foster
Translation of above2007
06Winning Ideas: Lessons from Free-Market EconomicsSabina Alkire, Angus Ritchie
05Psychological and Subjective Well-being: A Proposal for Internationally Comparable IndicatorsEmma Samman
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 459-486 2007
04Agency and Empowerment: A Proposal for Internationally Comparable IndicatorSolava Ibrahim, Sabina Alkire
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 379-4032007
03The Ability to go About Without Shame: A Proposal for Internationally Comparable IndicatorsDiego Zavaleta
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 405-4302007
02Employment: A Proposal for Internationally Comparable IndicatorsMaría Ana Lugo
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 361-3782009
01Safety and Security: A Proposal for Internationally Comparable Indicators of ViolenceRachael Diprose
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 431-4582007
00The Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data: An IntroductionSabina Alkire
Oxford Development Studies 35(4) 2007, 347-3592007