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The Politics of MD Poverty

Sabina Alkire

  • Practical and policy considerations in implementing multidimensional poverty measures
  • Political purposes – users and incentives created
  • Process of developing a measure – how it will be used? Who will have interest in using it?
  • How measures will be updated? What institutions will be involved?

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Guide to the video

00:00 Introduction and outline of lecture; six key political issues to consider when constructing a multidimensional poverty measure

02:18 Issue 1: identify the policy that the measure will have to support

05:06 Issue 1: identify who is going to be interested/use the measure

10:06 Issue 2: analyse the incentives that your measure creates, the example of income poverty and the adjusted headcount

13:13 Issue 2: analyse the incentives created by your calibration decision (space, indicators, weights, cut-offs etc.)

20:57 Issue 3: understand the political process of developing a measure

26:40 Issue 4: check the technical capacity (to be able to update and construct a measure)

31:07 Issue 5: understand the institutions that will have to update the measure

33:18 Issue 6: the issues of authorities – tensions and manipulations

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Related Training Materials

The political setting of a multidimensional measure directly affects its construction, especially in terms of the normative choices (see Normative Issues in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement)

OPHI researcher are not experts on the politics of multidimensional poverty measure, therefore this lecture draws on the implementation of multidimensional measures in Mexico and Colombia, which have been assisted by OPHI. The resources on these two case studies can be found here [see Case Studies Examples – the international MPI, and national multidimensional poverty measures for Mexico (2009) and Colombia (2011)]