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New Research in Progress Paper and OPHI Working Paper Examine Questions of Data Sources and Availability "Mobilizing the Household Data Required to Progress toward the SDGs" and "Towards Frequent and Accurate Poverty Data" look at questions of how access to and collection of poverty-related data can be improved. Read more

Launch of the Post-2015 ‘Light-Powerful’ Household Survey OPHI is pleased to announce the release of the final version of the proposed Post-2015 Light-Powerful Household Survey. Read more

OPHI Researchers conduct training in Kigali, Rwanda The training sessions covered material on the concepts of human development and multidimensional poverty as well as instruction in the Alkire-Foster methodology of poverty measurement. Read more

Measuring Multidimensional Poverty in Latin America: Previous Experience and the Way Forward This paper states the need to design a multidimensional poverty index for the Latin America region (LA-MPI) that can monitor poverty trends in a cross-country comparable way, yet is also relevant to the particular regional context. Read more

Measuring Conjoint Vulnerabilities in Italy: An Asset-Based Approach This paper uses an asset-based approach, focusing on the resources that individuals and households can draw upon to reduce economic vulnerability and strengthen their resilience. Read more

Measuring and Decomposing Inequality among the Multidimensionally Poor Using Ordinal Data: A Counting Approach A paper by Suman Seth and Sabina Alkire proposes the use of a separate decomposable inequality measure using Demographic Health Survey datasets. Read more