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MPI Data Tables for 2013

Detailed MPI data for 104 countries is available to download from the tables below. These tables were updated in March 2013 to include:

  • New: Detailed MPI results at the country level (104 countries)
  • New: MPI at the subnational level for 663 regions of 65 countries
  • New: Changes to MPI poverty over time for 22 countries (and their subnational regions where possible)

The table is divided into sheets to help in navigating through the data. The chart provides detailed information on what is included in each data table and sheet. You can download the tables by clicking on the icon on the right-hand column.


Table Contents Download
Tables 1.1-2.3 Main MPI results, headcount ratio by dimensions, contribution of deprivations and other measures of poverty and wellbeing at the national level (104 countries)MPI Results with k=0.2 as the poverty cutoff Tables 1.1-2.3 excel
Tables 3.1-3.3 Multidimensional poverty, headcount ratio by dimension and contribution of deprivations at the sub-national level (663 regions of 65 countries) Excel
Tables 1a-2 Changes to MPI poverty over time in 22 countries, including annualized changes in headcount ratio and intensity, and changes in each indicator at national level. Updated 19 April Excel


Citation Please cite the MPI data as: Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (2013), Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) Data Bank. OPHI, University of Oxford. Available at

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