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Mapping the MPI

Explore global multidimensional poverty around the world using OPHI’s interactive world map. It shows how poverty differs by country in 2013, with a darker colour indicating a higher MPI, and therefore greater poverty. Double click on countries with subnational breakdowns to see individual country maps.

For interactive maps of specific countries for which subnational breakdowns are available, click on the links below.

For 2011 Poverty maps click here

Support for MPI and MPI interactive map

OPHI gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Human Development Report Office in creating the MPI 2013. OPHI also gratefully acknowledges the support of Global Giving in crafting the MPI. OPHI’s interactive MPI map was created using StatPlanet software developed by Frank van Cappelle. (Frank van Cappelle (2011) StatPlanet: Interactive Data Visualization and Mapping Software, Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Mnitoring Educational Quality, Paris.

Mapping the MPI

Multidimensional poverty index - mapping the MPI
Explore global multidimensional poverty around the world using OPHI’s mapping tools

MPI Country Briefings

Multidimensional poverty index - country briefings
Short country-specific summaries on the results of the MPI analyses in 104 developing nations

MPI Data

All the data from the global MPI, including detailed results at the national and sub-national level

MPI Resources

Multidimensional poverty index - Latest resources
All the global MPI publications, including briefings, working papers and training materials

MPI Methodology

MPI methodology
Details of how the global MPI is constructed and the updates that have taken place


Multidimensional poverty index - faqs
Everything you need to know about the global MPI, including how it’s constructed and how it adds value

MPI Case Studies

Multidimensional poverty index - case studies
Watch and read the stories of people who are poor according to the MPI in their country

MPI Podcasts

Multidimensional poverty index - interviews
Interviews with leading academics  about the global MPI and poverty measurement issues more widely