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AF Measure Analysis Issues I: Robustness analysis for the Alkire – Foster measures

Gaston Yalonetzky

  • Stochastic dominance for the Alkire Foster method
  • Rank robustness; Spearman, and Good & Kruskal’s correlation coefficients.
  • Rank concordance methods.

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Guide to the video

00:00 Introduction

02:20 Type of tools to analyse your measure – outline of the lecture

Part 1: Dominance Analysis (ordinal comparison)

05:01 Dominance conditions, the application on MPI

06:30 Three parameters affect ranking in the MPI (AF measures) – deprivation cut off, weights, poverty cut-off

07:47 Introduction of two possible evaluation methods of AF method

11:26 Stochastical dominance for the censored headcount and the adjusted headcount

12:10 Dominance conditions over k (Yalonetzky (2011)), proof, dominance results, new research

33:46 Results for dominance: union, intersection, intermediate.

Part 2: Rank Robustness

41:47 Other methods of rank robustness (Atkinson and Bourganoung (1982)), why we need other methods of robustness

44:43 Example of robustness of the global MPI, sensitivity to weights, correlation coefficients (Alkire et al (2010))

50:28 Multiple rank correlation

53:09 Explain rank correlation

54:11 Good and Kruskal’s correlation coefficient

56:45 Spearman’s correlation coefficient

59:26 Results of MPI rank robustness tests

62:57 Concordance indices for multiple ranking

69:10 Results of global MPI analysis


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Key readings covered in these lectures

Atkinson, A. and Bourguignon, F. (1982), “The Comparison of Multidimensional Distributions of Economic Status”, Review of Economic Studies, XLIX, 183-201

Yalonetzky, G (2011), Conditions for the Most Robust Poverty Comparisons Using the Alkire-Foster Family of Measures. OPHI Working Paper 44b.

Alkire, S. Santon, M.E., Suman, S., and Yalonetzky, G. (2010). Is the Multidimensional Poverty Index robust to different weights? OPHI Working Paper 22a

Reading List